How much are you paying to rent a 172?


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I wanted to know what the prices are looking like across the country. I'm currently paying 80 dollars per hour wet.


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The aircraft that I fly, <my screen name>, is $60 /hr US dollars. The Cessna 172, a 1977 model, is $70 /hr. Both prices include fuel.


For a 2001 Piper Cherokee (fully loaded), wet - $120.00
For an older Cherokee (not sure of exact year), wet - $95.00


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$68 wet, mid 70's, 180 horse engine, GPS
Portland, OR


dang thats cheaper than here troutdale now. where is that at? that rate is worth traveling a few miles for after i get my license.

anyway the rate at our FBO for a 172 is $75 an hour for a mid 70's 160 horse with an older gps system.


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It just went up, for the last 2 1/2 yrs i was paying: older model 172- 63.00 wet/newer models were 100.00 wet. Now there 72.00 and 105.00


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All rates wet...

P - $94
R - $108
S - $116-$121

Just joined a club with two M models and pay $55.

Leesburg, VA (KJYO)