How many Hours has everyone logged?


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Hey everyone i thought this would make a neat post, forgive me if its already been posted, so lets see who the leader is! Me, I have logged 32 hours in a C-172. I know its not alot, but im working on it! Weather sux!


I have more then SkyGuyEd and that is all that matters. We have been battling TT for some time, and it looks like in 3-4 weeks he is going to overtake me, and there is no chance I will be able to catch up! Ah it was good while it lasted.


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I've got only 328.8 TT, all in small stuff...except 0.7 dual in a King Air with an old instructor a couple years ago. No charge other than his time - coolest 21 bucks I ever spent!
I should be starting "real" multi training next week!


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Started my JAR PPL last April but thanks to the 'lovely' british weather,
only 38.2 hrs in a Piper Warrior P28-161. On a lighter note; I should get the 'Brown Book' by the summer.


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350 in Piper Warriors, Archers, and Arrows also Cessna 172, 172SPs, and C182s. In addition I will record 28 hours in a 727 simulator!! Yeah baby!!!