How long, pro course?


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What is the average time it takes someone to complete the pro-course? Considering I do already have my ppl. Does anyone take their writtens beforehand?


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Considering you already have your PPL, you'll probably be doing the 200hrs Multi-Course instead of the Pro-Course, unless you wanna pay four-thousand extra bucks. (It's just the Pro-Course without the PPL.)

I asked Julian if it's a good idea to take your writtens before beginning the program, and he said "Hell yeah, absolutely." As for how many people actually do it, I don't know. (Not yet a student.)


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It completely depends on your personal motivation and willingness to study.

You should be able to finish the program in 6 problem....including your instructor ratings.

I came hear with 0 hours and am almost half-way through my instrument in about 6-7 weeks.....that includes SEL & MEL private.

I take the training very seriously and want to finish in as little time as possible. That being said, there is a limit to how fast you want to do this.....after all, too much cramming of information is a sure way to not remember anything!
If you are serious about flying for a living you must balance the speed at which you learn with the retention of information.

My personal goal is to go from nothing to all instructor ratings in 6 months tops! If I go over, no big deal, this is just an arbitrary date. I'd much rather understand all material than breeze through it and then struggle in the end.

Of course, there are those who take less time, and those who take more.....many variable come into play. 6 months is an acceptable average.

Hope it helps.


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What is your projected time of completion? I'm currently in a dilema on deciding to do the Pro-Pilot or obtain my PPL at my local FBO. Also I would like to relocate & possibly instruct in the Florida area to build time. Can you recommend a website with housing information because I'm planning on bringing my significant other (girlfriend) ,plus the dog 3 months into the program. This is my first post and I have been viewing for over six months. Any information will be rewarding. Thanks