how long answering phones?


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"on average", how long do you stay in jacksonville and answer phone before an opening is available, considering you take the first available one that comes? i know there is no set amount of time, but an average would be nice for planning purposes. also, how long from the date you start instructing until you will probally get offered a job at a regional? again, just a ballpark number would be great. thanks!
Man, I don't know why I keep answering these posts like I know what I'm talking about...
Anyway, from what I've heard around the office, the berakdown is like this: If you're willing to go anywhere ATP has an office to instruct, you can be in the office for anywhere from 4 days to a month (ballpark). If you hold out for a location, you may be there as long as six months, maybe more depending on how many people ahead of you want to go to the same office, or how long it is before someone vacates an office opening up a slot.
Time to regionals? Well, my best guess (for what it's worth) is this: you come out of the program with about 280 hrs. TT. You work for ATP and average about 60 hours a month (again, best guess here...). That works out to about 20 months before you qualify for an ATP rating. Add the month or so in the office, and several months looking for a Pt.121 job, and the grand total is about 2 1/2 years.
I've heard of guys going to regionals in less time, some in more. Thats about as ballpark as it gets.
All well and good, except the vast majority of regional newhires don't have an ATP. ATP instructors have been getting hired at about the 1-1.5 yr point pretty consistently. Look at Travis (Socal); he's been instructing not quite a year and already has an interview at CHQ lined up. Others have done it even faster (albeit pre-9/11); JC'er kntrdr went from 85 hr private pilot to Continental Express newhire in EIGHT months back in the good ol' days of 2001. (Then furloughed of course, and back to ATP to instruct, then he got hired on at CHQ, seems to have started a trend...)
I'm sure you're right.
As I said, that was only my best guess based on what regionals are posting as thier hiring mins.
I would expect that almost every person that goes through the ACPP is seeking that highly sought after ATP instructor job. Therefore, the really question is not "how long answering phones", rather how long from program completion to the hired not hired call from ATP?
Thanks guys for the input.
Is there anyone out there that has gone through ATP and can give me some personal experience information?