How good is it?

I am considering a wide array of options for the start of my aviation career. I want to get an online bachelors degree in something, and really, I need a degree to go to ATP. I was actually considering them being that I have about 46 credits at Penn-State and could finish a two year degree in no time, which is one of their requirements for joining. I really hate to think about going back into the college classroom, but if I have to, well I guess that is just life. I was just wondering, How good is the quality of their training. Please, only reply if you have completed training there. If you do reply, what type of job did you get, and where?

Oh, I haven't trained there yet, but,

I guarentee you can get in with your 46 credits.. The 2 years of college (not a degree) requirement is really to show that you are commited and able to carry out such a heavy load of a program.

You're gonna have to get a degree (unless you have one) anyways if you plan on bein' a pilot, so I'd plan on finishing atleast your assosiates before or after attending.

Other than that I'll leave it to the rest of the guys here
I am actually sitting at ATP now... I must say you need to lok into it! It is a very accellerate course but doable! As far as the degree thing... I would try to get in touch with the chief pilot. He suggests getting your gen ed courses out of the way, doing some online coursework (no classroom!), and transfering the credits to Embry-Riddle... haveing a nice diploma from there... I am not sure of the details but I know that it has been completed.