How fast can weather change?

Ruben Garay

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I think this video sets a new record or standard.....btw, check out the ramp guys who don't even see it coming!

That's a pretty normal thing down here. The worst is coming in on final, and seeing it move towards the airport. We had one day where, as we were coming in, we could see it moving down the runway, and it hit our aircraft just after we touched down. Definitely makes for an interesting day. It generally doesn't last for more than about 10-15 minutes or so here.
Lake Charles, LA we went visual to below 1/2 mile back to visual in about 5 minutes time. Those summer thunderstorms down south are pretty common like that.

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I fly in the Intertropical Convergence Zone, here it changes from solid VFR to 1/2 mile VIS in Rain in 10-15 minutes, during the monsoon part of the year, you go from unlimited visibility and high OVC to IMC due to rain fall in 20-30 minutes.

We get around 87.0 inches of rain a month.