How does ATA stack up with FlightSafety Academy?


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I am writing from the Caribbean and I am looking for an objective response. I am aware that both institutions have graduated some outstanding aviators, but what are the pros and cons? Any help out there?


For objective opinions on ATA, see the thread "Can anyone give me some objective opinions on ATA?". You may have to select "display topics of past 60 days" in the upper right corner to get it to show up.
Good luck with your decision.
ATA has it's share of problems (to be expected with a couple of hundred students and 60 or so planes) but so far I've got my money's worth. I started in October and am just fininshing up the last couple of weeks of instrument now.

Some of the time building planes leave something to be desired, the R models for instrument are fine. I haven't had more than a couple of cancelations for MX as when you have a problem they'll do their best to find you another plane.

The study schedule is kind of heavy but there's a lot to learn in under a year if you know nothing coming in so you need to be disciplined about it or you'll get left behind.

I'd still sign up today knowing what I know.
Marcus -- How are things going at ATA? Any update would be great since I may attend beginning in August.
I'm just finishing up Instrument. I've had a week off so I've had no idea what's been going on for a week. I'm happy so far, and looking forward to multi training in a couple of weeks. To be honest, I'd be very surprised to see anyone get out in 10 months fro no flying experience at all but 12 months or so is realistic.

You can alsways call me at 813-779-9132 if you want to ask any specific questions.
marcusprice how is everything going at school........i'm looking into ATA.....I' will be in the same boat as you were(i 'm starting with zero hours)........look forward to hearing about your experiences.
I've seen this thread title sit here for a long time and I've tried resisting the urge to reply...well, I guess my willpower is finite:

How does ATA stack up with FlightSafety Academy?

It doesn't.

Even the most primitive research will answer your question. Notice no one tried to answer your question. I was just checking out ATA's website. All the "senior" instructors are listed. The top dude has 5000 hours...all the other assistant chiefs have less than ATP mins. How exactly does that support the claim of "taught by airline pilots"? I'm curious!

To quote ATA's website:

In reference to the senior-most instructor shown on the site...


Total Time: 5000+ hrs.

Fixed Wing: 2000

Helicopter: 2000

Misc: 1000


Exactly what is Miscellaneous? Blimp time?
I believe the correct term is "dirigible"
Hangar flying?

Microsoft FS2K2?

The RJ "sim" they have...oh wait, can't log that time! BUT YA SURE CAN PAY FOR IT! heheehhehehe

I hear you can log hours spent in the Barkalounger as long as you're watching "Discovery Wings Channel". That Nancy Lane character who gives the "Wing Tips" in her Extra...she's hot!
If by hot you mean *pukes on shoes* - the lady looks like a rawhide bone with a face unevenly painted on it.

I love the wing tips too "Turning requires coordinated use of the elevator, rudder, and ailerons. When I turn, I always..."

I keep waiting for something useful, but then I remember how many non-pilots they're trying to appeal to also.

The only part of ATA training that is taught by airline pilots are the ground schools (Basic Indoc, CRM, General Systems, RJ Systems, and the RJ Sim).

All of the flight training is done by CFI's, exactly like every other flight school.

Some of our graduates have been furloughed by American Eagle and are now instructing at ATA. They said that the ATA ground schools were a huge help in preparing them for ground school at Eagle.

I haven't gone through the RJ sim yet and I'm not sure about the logging of that time. I'd be willing to bet that it can be logged as simulated instrument (if applicable) and dual received, though. Regardless, I've sat in on a couple sessions and it is worthwhile training. The instructor knows his stuff and really gives the students a workout.