How do the stripes work?


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I know this isn't really a huge issue, but I've always been curious as to how the stripe system works at the academy. My guess would be,
1 stripe = private
2 stripes = instrument
3 stripes = comerical
4 stripes = instructor

and from what I can gather, instructors wear blue shirts rather than the white shirts of students?

Grey boards=

Blank board- you pretty much aren't very good (presolo)
1/2 stripe- keep the plane in the air--the rest of us will steer clear of you(postsolo)
1 stripe- master of cadet (private)
2 stripe- didn't feather wrong prop on checkride (multi priv)
3 stripe- you the man (commercial)

Blue and Golds=
1 stripe- On long wait list to work here
2 stripe- Need students (normal Instructor)
3 stripe- Going overboard with PTS lately (checkpilots)
4 stripe- Going overboard with BS lately (management)
well what the heck is 1.5 gold stripes then? I saw some of those in the booklet.
There are no 1.5 stripers w/blue shirts...

Here's the skinny:

White Shirts = Students
(stripe #'s and meaning previously posted are correct.)
1/2 (skinny) stripe=soloed
1 stripe=private single
2 stripes=private multi
3 stripes=commercial multi

Blue Shirts = Employees

1 stripe = flight instructor in training (new hire/non-standardized, ie; not flying the line)
2 stripes = standardized line flight instructor
3 stripes = asst. group leader, check airman, standardization instructor or program manager
4 stripes = ground instructor (academic side); assistant chief flight instructor, chief flight instructor always a check airman, usually a standardization instructor and/or a program manager

Wing symbology (same for employees and students):

plain wings = student pilot or rated pilot (non CFI)
wings w/star above shield = rated pilot w/CFI
wings w/ star and wreath around star = ATP, ground school instructor, asst. chief flight instructor or chief flight instructor

Hope that clears it all up....most of this is directly from the student/instructor handbook, plus a little from experience...for the exceptions.......
So do you ever see students with 3 stripes? If 3 stripes denotes a comm/instrument/multi rated student, doesn't that mean that they are finished with the program?

I suppose CFI candidates would wear 3 stripes.
Guys with the Instrument done but not their Comm have 2 stripes. CFI candidates and Single-Engine add guys have 3. So do those working on CFII or MEI if they haven't been hired yet.