How do people "make" the referral list?


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If you take the test, score well qualified, and are then awaiting to see if you are on the referral list, what is it exactly that determines if you are on that list? Also I am curious at which point is it that if you keep passing interviews, lists, and medical checks are you guaranteed to go to OKC? Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
That is the thread I was reading when I wondered what goes into people making that list.

Making it PAST the referral list is the real doozy. Think of it as akin to asking, "How do people end up on the terrorist no-fly watch list?" No one really knows except the government. We don't really know what qualifies one over another, because it is not merely a test score.

The panel folks only see "Q" or "WQ" (as told to me by my HR rep), and then they have your application. As long as you've completed the requirements, and there is an opening in the state(s) or area(s) you selected, you have a good chance of getting selected. I found out that for my facility, there were three people selected to go to training to work there, but then the hiring numbers got dropped to zero, meaning none of the three of us may go until October of 2010. We'll see how it goes.

They select enough people to fill a set number of slots that are based on planned retirements, washouts, academy dropouts, etc., and if the number of those going to the facility is greater than the number that leave, that excess number won't see the facility -- at least for that FY or until the facility's employment situation changes.