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Hey OnTop, I think you are the only one who responds to those of us who have questions and I appreciate, if there are others and I missed your name, I appreciate your help as well. But anyway, do you live in the housing on campus? If you do how many roomates do you have? Also, should we expect to spend some money on uniforms or doesn't FSI require students to wear uniforms? Also, was it you who stated earlier, we could get a job at FSI, pumping fuel or whatever and get free ground school? If it wasn't you sorry. I was just wondering. Thanks again for all your help.
On-campus housing is expensive, compared to renting an apartment. There are always students looking for roommates - ask around or check the bulletin boards at school. If you're not there yet, call the marketing department and ask one of the students there to check the board for you - they should be able to do that for you, they did for me.

There are jobs available, a lot has to do with being in the right place at the right time, asking around a lot. They always need new people in the marketing dept because students are always moving on to bigger and better things.
Hey OnTop or anyone else, How is the living in Vero Beach? Is it nice? How is the night life? Is the beach nice? Any comments would be appreciated?

And another thing, do you think the price of Flight Safety is worth it?

I was down at Vero Beach in March to check out the school, very impressive. I was told the best place to check for housing was the bulletin boards at the school. Also, there are people there in Vero Beach that prefer to rent only to students at the school, especially older students. When I was there I talked to one of the ladies in the bookstore for over an hour about the housing and surrounding area. While I was standing their another lady told me about a guy that had a 3 bedroom apt on the beach for $800 a month, which was a steal! Anyway, I think I still have his name if you are interested or give the school a call and have someone check the boards.
Iruppert - VB is ok, if you like things slow. It's great for flight training, because there are VERY few distractions. Night life pretty much sucks. The beach is nice, but like the rest of Florida it's full of old people. Great place to study, though. So far, FlightSafety has been worth (almost) every penny.

Apt rent ranges all over the place, depending on where you live. Several thousand to live at the beach, to a couple hundred inland. Then there's always the Chateau...
Thanks for the info, I am coming down with my wife (engaged right now) so I will need somewhere to live off campus. If you still have that persons name I'd appreciate it if you could email it to me and his number if you have it. All others who know of anyone giving up apartments (2 bedroom) I'd appreciate a little info. Thanks again for your help.
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