Housing, Apartments?


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The housing is $500 a month, and three months are "included" in the Pro Course, but not the VA Pro Course. Mike's wife manages the houses, and there are four streets of 3BD/2BA/1Garage houses in the 12th St. SW, Vero Beach area. There are also apartments leased to Mike at The Pines of Vero. The houses are about 15 minutes from the beach, 15 minutes from school (KFPR), 5 minutes from a food store (Publix), 8 minutes from the gym and the nearest P.O. Box (ZIP 32965), 20 minutes to the mall.
Those are the facts. Here are some opinions.

The good: Furnished (minimally), TV's with HBO in every room (Sopranos Premier tonight!), other students around, all utilities paid, and washer/dryer/microwave. No pets, no smoking. Gym membership is only $20/month.

The bad: Boring location, no high-speed internet (with 3 guys sharing), no mail delivery at the house, shared bathroom for two unlucky guys, no women around, periodic no-notice "inspections" by management. One driveway for three cars means two on the front-yard grass, tile floors, no maid service provided. 45 minutes to decent night life (West Palm).

Overall, the housing isn't too bad, and is a good place to start if you're looking for a better place to live. You can get a decent place on the beach for not much more than you pay here, and there's much more to do out on the sand. If you're looking into other options, TC Palm is a great resource. Questions?


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It's my understanding that the prices drop to $450/ mo. following the included 1st three months.

There is no lease required and you are able to move out at any time.....however, keep in mind, you're paying for the 1st three months regardless.

The student houses are not even 2 years old and are very nice. But like shorefly stated, there are periodic intrusions w/out notice.....not like a standard rental where it is required.

The reason the first three months are included to to allow students to get started in their training w/ as little living headaches as possible. Many students, after having attended the school for three months, meet people and decide to move into non-school controlled living arrangements with friends. Bear in mind, that these places will most likely require a lease (negative, in my opinion).

Shorefly is right, the big detractors of the student housing are:

the lack of high-speed net access. You have three people with computers wanting to get on the net.....the phone is continually tied up and no one can call the house because the phone is busy 24-7...you have to continually ask your roommates if they wouldn't mind getting off the net so you can get on........IT STINKS !.....period.

community mail bin at the school.....all mail is addressed to the school and it is placed in a bin for everyone to sort through.....not cool!

For the most part, the student housing is good.....a few things make moving out very attractive though. For me, the number 1 reason I'd move out (not saying I'm going to though)is the lack of high-speed net access. In fact, I had planned on talking to someone about that this week. It is a major inconvienience to never be able to check your e-mail when you want to, etc... Few, if any, students are local....therefore, they all rely on the phone/ e-mail to communicate with family and friends.....it just makes sense to have high speed net access.....

Ok, I'm getting off on a tangent......basically, the houses are very nice. You get to live with two other students with many others in the immediate area....definately a good thing.

Hope it helps.