Available: House in Mustang close to FAA


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I am a current student living in a house in mustange takes me about 10 min to get to work in the morning. House is beautiful and cheap. The owner has three rooms she rents out. $650 for 2 and $700 for a private bath room so like $21 a day. Comes with a nice gym membership and some great cooking. She usally buys food every 2 weeks and we all split it usually about 30 bucks and then you have food for lunches and stuff. She cooks most nights and is extremely friendly along with everyone else. Great place to live and she only rents to FAA students. PM me for more info she has rooms open on nov 4 and dec 4.


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Too bad, according to the website "she accepts credit cards" and its 49.80/day which is like 1500$/month. It sounded like a good deal but alas maybe not.