House for Rent (Pool and Short Lease)


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Hello All.

Due to the extended CFI wait list at FSA, we will be leaving town after I finish CFII. We are living in a great 3 bedroom/ 2 bath house for which we would like to find short or long-term tenants. It's a great place for 2-3 people. Here are the specs:

3 BR/ 2 BA single-family house 7 minutes south of VRB.
Glassed-in Florida room
Large, covered, in ground, heated, swimming pool
Double lot property

We're only asking for at least a five month committment, then we can do just about whatever.

For $1500/mo., we will leave it furnished with 61" big screen TV, desk, beds, dressers, chairs, couches, dishes, laundry, etc., etc.

We're pretty flexible as we'll be heading up north to figure out how to put my CFII certificate to use.

Please PM me if intersted or give me a call at 772-569-7686.

Trash is about $13/mo
Water/ Sewer is around $25/mo
Electric is about $120/mo but varies widely depending on how much you run air/ heat pool/ etc.

Nice thing is no need to heat pool anymore with outside warm up. That saves a lot of dough.