Horrible Wx in the NE tonight.


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Man...wind...rain...TS...nasty night to be out.

Check DL1460.....Scheduled from FLL-LGA......but tonight you get 3 flights for the price of 1!! Welcome aboard our flight to LGA with stops in Baltimore and Newark. Long night for that crew.


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Glad I finished my trip before noon today! The only word for the weather in the NY/NJ area now is YUCK! Heavy rains with some thunder and lightning thrown in just for ####s and giggles. :panic: :banghead:


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Well, I was flying in and out of LGA all day today. Let me say it is an interesting cross wind landing day. ;)


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Man...wind...rain...TS...nasty night to be out.

Check DL1460.....Scheduled from FLL-LGA......but tonight you get 3 flights for the price of 1!! Welcome aboard our flight to LGA with stops in Baltimore and Newark. Long night for that crew.
<--- Not missing Newark.


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I flew into that wreck this morning. The new female controller seemed to be doing a great job. This was at the noon lull though, and before the weather moved in.

Life is too short to sit at a groundstopped outstation four days a week without a plane to even put the luggage in. :p


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I have NEVER seen that chick be able to sequence 11 and 22 arrivals properly...EVER. In fact I've gone around a few times because she botched the seperation.

Every other situation and she's on top of her game. 11 and 22 arrivals? Good luck.


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Really New

No, it has to be someone else.

This one is so new I mean I could hear the guy training her in the background saying "excellent" and "perfect" when she did really basic stuff like "taxi to 22R/W via B-R." I think she is literally in her first few days at EWR tower; Jazz said "you're doing a great job so far."

I know the voice of the one you're thinking of though.


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I dont know what I was thinking. Went up in a 172 to do some practice approaches. Flying the ILS 6 on the first approach and we knew we had no business bing in the air. We took off with wind at 150@15...not bad. while flying the ILS it was up to 150@25 sustained, flew 080 to keep the needle centered and I dont ever remember being that crabbed before to hold center line. On short final for runway 16 we got a wind check of gusting to 30.

After landing we did a tower visit and they had a brown out. Radar was out, something he called FIDO was out and they couldn't find the source of the power failure. Everything else was operational, frequencies were good, runway lights were good and the ILS was still working.

All and all a great day of learning even though it was the first time I was really nervous/scared while in the aircraft.


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It was fun watching some small GA aircraft land in 19 knots gusting 40 almost perpendicular to the runway today...


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Man...wind...rain...TS...nasty night to be out.

Check DL1460.....Scheduled from FLL-LGA......but tonight you get 3 flights for the price of 1!! Welcome aboard our flight to LGA with stops in Baltimore and Newark. Long night for that crew.

Ouch...that sucks. I actually worked that flight today. Left a little early too. The captain who flew it is an awesome guy. Whenever we see him stroll up to the gate we know we are leaving ontime. As far as arriving ontime........I guess thats a different story today.