Hooters ... who?


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I was out flying yesterday and made a stop at Williams-Gateway Field (here in PHX) to do a VOR check and guess what's sitting on the ramp right below the tower? The Hooters 757! The same one that showed up in the "SLC" thread. Right behind it was a "Planet Air" jet as well.

Nice looking bird ... and I'd guess it's in town on a charter for the Fiesta Bowl.
When I flew to Mrytle Beach, SC (MYR) Hooters Air usually
has a few of the 737's on the GA ramp. They are pretty cool.
Gateway is the greatest airport I have had the pleasure of flying out of. Park your 172 or seminole right in front of a C-17, taxi to 30L following the squadron of T-38's, caution the Cactus 757 on final for 30C, all in an average day.