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That was a dramatic subject title...

but Doug it appears that you got moved from DFW to ATL...
thats some crazy stuff...what happened?
Doug's ATL bid took effect today, January 31st. As he's said, he did it because downsizing of the DFW MD-88/90 base has hurt his relative seniority at DFW, and offline, RJ commuting was getting difficult. He's said he has much better seniority in ATL and can commute online, with the ability to reserve the jumpseat in advance.

Since he hadn't already jumped on this one, I guess he must be working!

Nah, just out doing some cart racing down in PHX.

FL 270 is correct.
... just out doing some cart racing down in PHX.

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Sounds fun!
Doug, you'll have to provide us with a trip report for your first rotation out of Hotlanta ...

After he's finished his rotation (end of Feb), i'm sure he will.. but in all essence, it's a boring month for him.. 4 days on, 3 days off all month long.. no weekends except for the last weekend of the month in which we've already made plans to go visit my dad (he asked us to come out and we can't say no since we haven't been out there in 3 years). the only nice thing is that he'll be able to request the jumpseat and even though it's a longer commute, it'll be "easier" for him to do since it's mainline DL vs regional skywest. Technically speaking, that's the only difference between DFW and ATL - he can request jumpseat.

ATL sucked you in...

I know you've read the stories of Capt.'s BUYING tickets to get to ATL from DFW.

I did have a DFW commuter on the jumpseat who told us about his wife calling to list on his backup while he was trying to reserve the primary...

Is it really easier PHX to ATL?

Still just saying no to ATL (relative standing not a factor! )
PHX-ATL is WAY easier than DFW-ATL and PHX-DFW.

Leaps and bounds!

In fact, all of the other PHX-DFW commuters got fed up and went to LAX & SLC and I was the last one left making the commute.

The reason why the DFW-ATL commute is so bad is because DFW was once a monster base. Lots of guys moved into DFW, bought ranches or beautiful houses and we were flying everything from 737's to L1011's. Many years ago, our Houston base closed and those senior pilots and FA's moved to DFW. Then DFW, over the past 8 years, got absolutely decimated.

So you have former IAH/HOU pilots and super senior DFW pilots commuting out of DFW to other pilot bases.

My friend Ed went from DFW MD-88 captain with semi-ok seniority to a seniority goliath in LAX on the 757/767. Another guy went from a high seniority 737-300 captain and is going to the 767-ER (international) captain.

DFW is a very senior base.
Sorry, I have a question that will sound pretty dumb here..

Kristie, you said it was mainline DL opposed to regional skywest for the jumpseat...and Doug, earlier, i remember you saying something about ALPA and you had still say you worked for sky west or something?......heres my question....can you now fly jumpseat because ATL is a DL hub, and thats where your going, or what? sorry, im so confused...
-Since the flight between DFW and PHX is Skywest, I cannot reserve the jumpseat the way I can for a Delta flight. If a specific flight is full, up to three days in advance, I can "book" the jumpseat so I have a semi-guaranteed ride to work. That's almost life and death for a commuting pilot.

-Kristie nor I work or have worked for Skywest.

Clear as a heavy lead curtain?