Hmmm. What? Whoa!


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Just looked out my window and saw what I THINK was a 3-ship formation of F-15s flying over DC from the SE to NW. They MIGHT have been F-18s, but I think they were 15s.

They were relatively low - under 10K, I think. And well within the FRZ.

5 minutes later, (as I type this) a pair of CH-46s come in on the same path, also moving at a good clip.

Military aviation traffic is kinda normal around here, but fighters that low followed pretty quickly by some choppers is a bit out of the ordinary.

Wonder what's going on?


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Maybe they had to shoot down a power-glider that strayed into the TFR.

I've been told that they have to scramble twice a month to intercept someone who didn't study the SFRA procedures. I don't know how true that is, but it wouldn't surprise me.


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Maybe a fly over at Arlington? I was on the Express Ramp at DCA once when they shut down the airport ops for 20 minutes while 4 F16s and a bunch of Blackhawks overflew Runway 33 at about 500 feet and then went up over the Air Force Memorial and part of Arlington.