History of Asthma


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I had flu-induced asthma when I was about 4 years old. By the time I was about 11, I was completely cured of it, not having symptoms or asthma attacks since. I have been in several situations where, if I still did have asthma, I would have surely had an asthma attack, leading me to believe that there is pretty much no chance of a recurrence.

On my first medical, a 3rd class, I asked me AME if I should disclose the information that I had had asthma when I was a youngin' and he basically said "if it isn't afflicting you currently, don't worry about it." I think the reason he gave me was because it'd open up a can of worms or something. Went in to get my 1st class a few days ago, and I asked him the same question. He referred to the first medical I got and said "don't worry about it, you didn't put it down last time." I passed both medicals, but could my previous case of asthma be somewhat of a necessary issue to bring up? I really don't want to end up like the guy who had a seizure in the cockpit after telling the FAA he wasn't epilleptic and then sent to prison.