History Channel!


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Right now 9:00pm EST a program on Modern Marvels on the History Channel about Private Jets. Seems to be new and so far looking good.

After this a show on football tailgating!
I'm guessing it will be on at 12:00am EST also.

Was pretty interesting it gave a nice but short history of aviation and private jets in general.
In my opinion it gave a little too much on the history. I suppose it might devote more time to history because thats what that channel specializes in, but I would have rather seen about 15 minutes of history and the rest on current and future designs. It was definitely educational, nonetheless.
For all you Left-Coasters, Its on now (9PM PST).

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It's on in the CST zone, as well...
Pretty cool program and if you ever wondered where Jenny McCarthy was and what she looks like without the implants, now you know.

I wanna get paid to host one of those shows. All you do is give a lame intro to the show and then the real narrator takes over, and you get paid for that?