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how long could someone realisticly expect to wait for a job with atp if they sent in there resume immediatly after finishing the ACPP, considering they did well through the program and atp was willing to hire them?
All depends on instructor demand, I suppose. Judging from past threads, it's been pretty quick for some, slower for others.
thanks for the reply..... is there anyone out there that can be a little more precise? such as 1-3 weeks, 1-2 months, 3-4 months, 4 months+.......
The reason why your not getting a "little more precise" answer is because there isnt one. The answer is "it depends". I got lucky and was called within a week, some people have waited a few months. Some havent been called at all. There is no definite answer on when you get called, or even if you get called at all.
The time people wait to get hired by ATP after they have finished the ACPP is not set in stone. I've known guys that have gotten picked up without even sending in their resumes! On the flip side, I've heard people get hired after 4 months or later. If you go through the program without any hitches and you don't give dispatch a hard time while on your cross country flights, you would have a good chance at getting hired provided that you are persistent with updating your resume and calling every so often. Like the previous user stated...having a demand for pilots helps tremendously.