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HIRING!!! CFI CFII MEI, Mid Valley Airport (T65), TX


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We are currently looking for Full Time Certified Flight Instructors. (CFI, CFII, Chief Pilot)
Start Date: ASAP

· Administers flight instruction
· Instructs ground school
· Performs fast (faculty and staff transportation) flights
· Performs other related duties as assigned.

Flight Instructor Pay:
Our flight instructors can earn between $1,200 and $3,000 per month. Starting pay is $22.50/Hour.
Hours of work are irregular and seasonal depending on students' available time and the weather. Flight Instructors may work as many as 60 hours a week during the summer and can expect to work every weekend having good flying weather anytime during the year. The ground school classes may be scheduled during evening hours
Upon Contract, there will be a one time reimbursement for your travel expenses of up to $200.00.

Please Let Us if this is something you're interested in and are willing to relocate.
-Praat Air Services, Inc.

We’re located at:
Mid Valley Airport (T65)
1909 Joe Stephens Ave.
Hangar E-24
Weslaco, TX 78596
Phone: (956)975-2546


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Do Not apply to this outfit, I used to work there and it is the most crooked place in the planet. The airplanes are always breaking down, pay check are always late. They expect you to be there from 7am till 5pm be there work or not. The owner is a crook as well as a Mexican national, and he recently got banned from the US for the crooked business he does in that flight school. All the students are Mexican nationals that barely speak any English, and are lazy as well as dangerous to your certificates. They go through instructors like girls go through panties. Most of their planes have been flown back to Mexico. And if you want to go there because they got a Multi engine, they just flew that back to mexico maybe about a month ago. Be warned this place is always under the eye of the FAA. If you don't believe me look at the news stories on this place, yes these people have gotten themselves on the news. And their students are training her illegally on visitor visas when they should have student visas. Be warned stay away from this place


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Used to work for this outfit also and I can say that it started out ok but went downhill FAST. They claim to have a good starting salary but I was never paid in full because a certain office worker was embezzling. To make matters worse their mechanic used parts not FAA approved to save money at the owner's insistence and after I left, they still listed me as an instructor, even attempting to claim I was the head pilot to TSA.
As for other things, they expect you to come in seven days a week if a student calls and says they want to fly.
The news story about them involved a former student from their school who took a plane joy riding at far too low of an altitude after getting his Private license.


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Seem students run the school.

One of these schools where they cut t shirt and put them on walls, eat on table an let food around, late, messy, maybe alcol too....



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That's what I been hearing from people I know who are or have been there recently. While I was there I had some control and more importantly, if students showed up and I even suspected they had been drinking, I refused to fly and insisted they needed to be charged for one hour of flight. I was a good instructor, I've had plenty of students and even Check Pilots inform me of that, but I refused to put up with that sort of crap.

As for the owners of the school, there was only one while I was there and I had sway over him though he was trying to step up a bit more. The proverbial stuff hit the fan when a second man bought into the company, at which point it seems the students gained authority over the instructors.