High Altitude and High Performance Signoffs


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Is there any benefit for me to get these as a 250 hr pilot working on his CFI? Obviously I wouldn't need them for teaching, but if a cargo job came along that flew C310s or the like, would I get the signoff (high-perf) from them or would I need it in advance?

What would you expect to pay for these?

I got my High Performance sign off as early as I could even though I knew I would not have much access to flying such aircraft for a while. I was able to get mine for free from a fellow CFI with access to a PA-24, but it does not take much time to get it. I think we flew a few hours (mostly landings and takeoffs) and talked about HP aircraft systems. I did end up doing BFR's in aircraft that required the signoff that are just over the line (like Cessna 182's and the like) so its is handy for that working as a CFI.

I do know that my company could not insure me to fly any of their high performance aircraft until I had 500hrs (I think they also needed 100hrs complex), but the day that I had 501 I started flying a Saratoga for them everyday. High Performance/Complex time is not be as great as twin time, but it sure beats 150/172/PA28 time(both for the logbook and for personal satisfaction).
The high performance shouldn't take much time at all - I got mine in an hour a few weeks after my private in a 182.

I got a high altitude signoff at Flight Safety - I came in for that day of their King Air 200 class and got a half hour of sim time. It was $400, but because of that I got to log 15 hours of twin time in cessna 414's and a few hours in a 441 as I interned with a company.
If you can get the HP signoff, you should. It may open some doors while you are instructing. I got mine when I had about 140 hours and it only took a few hours for it combined with the complex in a 182rg.