Hiding forums?


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Is it possible for users to hide certain forums?

Say for instance that the Lavatory isn't really something I want to have listed, or any other assortment of forums not listed when I log in. Of course, having the ability to adjust what forums are viewable through the User CP?



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no, sorry.

that might be a possibility in the next release of VB but i have NO idea when that's coming out.


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If you're like some of us and only use the New Posts feature, you can, however limit the search to exclude entire forums in the results. All you have to do is make a bookmark with some extra changes to the URL's query string (the query string is everything following the question mark). Here's the one I use:


[EDIT: the forum software shortens the URL, be sure to look at the status bar or right-click and select "Copy Link Location".]

Where all the forums I want to ignore are comma-separated after the "exclude=" -- I use the above to prevent all the ATC forums from appearing in the new posts returned.

The only difficult part is finding out the forum ID numbers, but Dough or one of the moderators can usually look it up for you if you ask nicely. :)


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Thanks for that idea Aloft. I actually don't use that system though, maybe I'll try that out, but I personally don't mind seeing the forum titles, etc.

My only issue going to http://forums.jetcareers.com when logged in and seeing so many forums that I'd rather just be able to select what forums I'd like viewable when I log in.

Not that it loads slow at home, but would be a great benefit on a mobile device - you know, load on general topics, lavatory, and a few other forums.