Hey people, new Guy around here. Looking for an Airport Customer service oppurtunity


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I'm an Airport Operations Management Major at Broward College in Pembroke Pines, FL. I've been searching and applying, and searching and applying once again over the past year with only one phone interview from Southwest, and a Spirit Airlines convention.

I'm willing to volunteer if its necessary. Really looking forward to network with people on here.


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I know quite a few of the airlines such as Am. Eagle in particular won't hire someone directly into the Ops. tower for inbound/outbound/load planning unless you worked in a different position for at least 6 months. Try AE. Be a ramper, or a customer service agent for 6 months, then transfer into tower, but pick one of their hubs. Outstations are sometimes ran by other airlines or contracts. Also, try calling and making trips out to major charter companies. FlexJet, CitationAir, Priester Aviation, Executive Jet Management, etc... Good luck!