Hey, Im New and innocent....


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Hey Guys... I'm a new kid on the block... Vipermcg told me about this great website. I actually met him in the flesh a couple summers ago aboard a Delta Flight from LYS to JFK. Both of us were bumped to business elite and ended up sitting next to eachother...

We spent 8 hours becoming aquainted with eachothers and then we went out seperate ways at the gate in JFK... We comunicated through AOL for a while but that ended around October 2001. Then just tonight, he buzzed me up and we got to talking. We chatted about A.net and he told me about this great site...

So, I signed up and here I am. I am DeltaASA16 on Airliners.net and Jetphotos.net...

I look forward to becoming an active member at this site...Thanks Vipermcg!

DeltaASA16 <font color="red"> </font>


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Hey Adam- Great to see you on jetcareers. Doug, the webmaster, does a great job around here, and I think you will find this more informative than A.net. I still can't believe we got a free upgrade that time!


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Welcome Delta, your right, this is a great site but you won't be innocent for too much longer now Big Daddy!

Since your somewhat new as a pilot, this will be another good source of info on many subjects. As it's been said, " a good pilot is always learning". As Doug also said in his intro thing there is no such thing as a dumb question, for sure, so go ahead and ask away but be aware that occasionally you will get some sharp, cocky and even unkind answers so be ready and stay cool.

Best of luck to you and see 'ya around...
Welcome Delta!....I'm kinda new here posting as well, though I've been lurking this forum for a while now as well as A.net, and from what I've been reading around here,...THIS is the de-facto place to learn about the intricacies of being a pilot, the airplane's systems, and all-around a really great gang-o-pilots for all kinds of questions!

Hope to see more of your posts here!


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Ha Ha...who's ass are you kicking this week? Just kidding...

That was some thread.

I saw your post sort of advertising jetcareers there, too. I have mixed emotions about that, though I know you were well intentioned. There are a lot of Aholes over at Anet and I'd hate to see them come over here and mess this place up.

Anyhow...this is a great place and I think you'll learn a lot here. I'm glad you found it. Why don't you tell us about your flight training?