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I am moving to Vero in Feb. and starting the private Audit on March 4th. What is the story on this new agreement with ej? What is it like living in Vero Beach? I visited there in May and thought it was a very pretty small town. Very upscale near the beach. Is there anything to do there?( ya know, places to drink and chase women?) I am 23 yrs old and just graduated college. Are there many flightsafety students around my same age? I am moving into the Grand Harbor apartments. Any of you guys live there?
Thanks for the info.

I used to live in Austin (born, raised, & UT Austin). Did you graduate from UT?
Good luck at FSI.
Hey there, I'm here in Vero right now and I'm also 23 and just finished my commercial multi (I'll be doing the single-add on next week I hope). As far as things to do in Vero (other than fly) three things stand out.
1. Go to the beach (Not a great idea now)
2. Go to the mall/movies
3. Go to the Riverside/Bombay Louis'

As far as chasing women it's not too tough when they're all using canes and walkers!! Haha...You'll see there's a big retired population down here, there doesn't seem to be much in the 19-25yr/old age bracket. I suggest going to West Palm Beach for fun, it's got a different atmosphere then the Vero/Fort. Pierce area. Bottom Line, there ain't much booty around here, you may find yourself in a sausage-fest on quite a few occasions but guys have been known to find women (that aren't recieving social security yet). Worst case- Buy a blow up doll.
Good luck!
Hey Dan,
no I'm not in Vero Beach, but am looking at different schools (career changer).
I live in Colorado now.
Have fun at FSI!
I think you'll really like FSI but as far as ZERO beach is concerned prepare to be pretty bored, it's a small town, quite and the locals are pretty religious (theres a church on every corner!) I think most of the town girls that aren't married at 18 are kind of wary a FSI guys. We tend to stick out a little. However there are a couple spots in town and stranger things have happened. Grand Harbor is a very nice place but it is a total retirement community, I would bet that you will be the youngest person living there by about 40-50 years. (hope your into bee-hive hairdos!)If you haven't signed the lease I might shy away from that, you can probally find something a few days after you get down here for a lot less cash.
I fly out of DAB and went to check out FSI while I was in Vero today. The fleet is great and the facilities were nice. I met some friends who were staying in a sweet condo on the ocean for lunch. It's definitely an old timers kind of town, but you need to ask yourself this: Are you going there to fly or to have fun? (Yes, I know flying is fun, but outside of flying) If you're just there to fly, it's a great place to be. If you want some more things to do you might want to check out some other schools. I would definitely check out FSI, I know I was impressed during my visit today.
Hey Astin -
I too am in CO looking at flight schools. Just got laid off from my tech job so I guess that is a sign. Leaning towards either FSI or PanAm, probably for the spring. What is your timeframe?

sorry to hear about the layoff. Funny, I just received a raise today. I almost wish I would get laid off so I would not have any excuses for waiting.
My plan is to go full time beginning in August. I'm not going to wait until then to get more training though.
I currently have my PPL and I'm going to go part time to a school in Phoenix during my vacations. I'm going to try to knock out my IFR in March.
I hope it works out this way.
Don't worry about booze and women, you'll be too busy flying!

8 hours bottle to throttle and all that jazz.
Astin -
Where do you fly out of in CO? I received my IFR in '93 but haven't flown in 6 years, so I'm looking to get current again before I head to school full-time. I was also looking at July/Aug. for flight school, probably in AZ.
Congrats on the raise - are they hiring?
Hey Colorado guys a little FYI.

I flew out of Centenniel Airport in Denver, Co. Received my PPL and have since moved on. I was out there last year for exactly 1 year. Just thought I would share that.

I live in Aspen. I work for an investment company. I think we're hiring CPA's for our Denver office. Your in a good position though. NO More excuses. By the time you are completed getting current and finishing all of your ratings at a school, the industry will hopefully be turning around.
Good Luck!
Hova, where are you now? Did you go off to a larger school? If yes, how's it working out?
I'm from Colorado too. I've lived here all my life. I'm from Denver but am living down here in Pueblo finnishing up my degree at USC. After graduation I plan on going to a part 141 school (still in the process of picking one). Depending on finances I may or may not get my PPL in the mean time - but the unpredictable weather in Colorado does not make training the easiest thing in the world.
flyguy, I couldn't agree w/ you more. The weather up here is very annoying. It can be totally clear, but when the winds start moving (which is everyday), watch out!! Especially flying over the front range. It's like a roller coaster.
I know what your talking about. I learned to fly out of Aspen Flying club (APA). One minute winds are calm, on the next trip around the pattern it's a 25 kt cross wind. Front range flying will keep you on your toes!