Hey Boiler Fans!!


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I'll be making the trip to WL on October 4th to see my Illini take on Purdue. Don't guarantee yourselves a win just yet, we only play good when our losses outweigh our wins

Anyone have any advice on parking and/or tailgating locations. I'm also looking for things to do or see at Purdue before the game. I came to WL for a basketball game last year but at night in freezing weather I couldn't really sightsee.



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Parking?? Sight seeing?? hahahaha. Surely you jest!!! That happens to be homecoming weekend at Purdue - it's gonna be a freakin' zoo. Traffic is gonna' be stupid bad - allow yourself plenty of time and then leave an hour earlier than that. Places to park?? I wouldn't have any idea - bring your hiking boots though 'cuz you're gonna' be walking. The good news is that the stadium is only a 5 minute walk from the 'main' part of campus and 15 minute walk from anywhere on campus so you have good access to walk around the campus and check it out. The airport is no more than a 30 minute walk from the stadium(I used to do it all the time) if you wanna head out that way.

Don't know if I have anything specific to tell you to see - just check ou the campus.



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You can try the parking garages in/around campus. They seem to be empty on game days.

A few of my friends tailgate before games if you want to join us. However, being an Illini fan you'd be in the vast minority (read: only one).