Here's one you don't see everyday


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MMMX 041445Z 08003KT 6SM VCVA SCT020 BKN080 OVC200 17/11 A3030 NOSIG RMK SLP062 57008 984 8/537 HZY
MMMX 041430Z 04004KT 6SM VCVA SCT020 BKN080 OVC200 17/11 A3030 NOSIG RMK 8/537 HZY

Sounds like a great day to fly a turbojet around mexico! ;)
Multiple reports of ash on aircraft and the ramp today, so cancellations are a good plan. Lots of diversions from us carriers earlier. Better than having to do a dual engine change.

The prevailing winds usually keep popo's ash cloud south of MEX but the past few weeks the winds have been southerly and VA has been reported on the field multiple times.
Yeah. Don't want to mess around with VA. Almost think flying into a Level 6 TS may be safer :eek:
I am based out of MEX and our operations ran normal today; our metars and tafs didn't look like that though. (Also, my car is a mess)

Does anyone have some experience flying in a VA area?
I'd rather be DL & proactively cancel flights, then be UA & their regional carriers who have a tendency to flame out engines by flying into VA on a regular basis. Proactivity is rewarded vs. reactivity. Then again, we can all follow the classic airline adage: "F-up, move up!"