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which campus would be the better while attending ERAU
daytona beach campus has a great facilities i am planning on it
does it sound correct?
I have attended both Daytona Beach and Prescott campuses and I would say the Daytona Beach campus is better if you want more "fun"or arent a pilot. But seeing as your are posting it here, the flight program at Prescott is 100% better... better flying weather, better pilot to aircraft ratio, and better yet, you have 65+ hours of multi when you graduate from prescott, compared to 15 at DB. 65 hours of multi is as much as you'll need to get before you get a job. The daytona beach flight program has been undergoing a "revamping" for the past 4 years, but they still cant figure out how to deal with so many students with a limited number of aircraft. Go to Prescott... the campus is being redone over the next 4 years, by the time you are a senior, the campus will be about as nice as daytona beaches'.