help wth selectng a flight school!!!


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I have been tossing the idea around for several months now and finally have decided to just go for it. I have been reading this fourm for a while now and have learned alot from all of the people's postings (thanx for the info)! My question is: does anyone out there have any information about Southeastern in Macon GA? Any input about this school or any others would be very helpful. Thanks again.
Do you have any certificates or ratings yet? If not, I would say the general consensus on this board is to go to a local FBO to obtain your Private Pilot certificate to make sure flying is for you before you invest thousands upon thousands of dollars into flight training.

After that, and knowing that flying is for you, go visit each place you might think you are interested in. I'm looking to go to ATP in Manassas next year. It is an intense, accelerated course that seems to deliver what they tell you. A lot of students will go to Delta Connection Academy (Comair) or Mesa Pilot Development for their connections to the regional airlines.

I encourage you to spend the majority of your time here at Jetcareers on the bottom half, reading everything you can about the numerous flight schools/academies posted on here.

Good luck and happy hunting!

If you have more questions feel free to send me a Private Message or Email.