help with flight school


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Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone out there has any information on southeastern in Georgia. They seem to have a good program, the only thing that troubles me is that it is at an untowered field. I am currently close to getting my private certificate and I'm looking to make a career out of it. I am however torn with the mulitiple flight schools out there and whether to go to a flight school, or to get another BA at a college. I currently have a BA in criminal Justice, and I'm already paying back $45k in student loans. Money is somewhat of an issue for me as I would need more loans for any training/schooling that I do. I currently live Conn. and any help about southeastern, or anyother flight school/college would be greatly appricated.
A few years ago I checked into Southeastern. I live in the Atl area and thought of the convenience. Dont worry about being at an uncontrolled field. That will help you learn to look for traffic when its announced and there are plenty of controlled fields within a short flight. KMCN is close by as is KCSG and KAGS plus the Atlanta area airports. I guess my biggest turn off was that I had arranged to visit them over 2 weeks in advance and get down there to meet with the owner. He even called to confirm 2 days before. Once I got there I was told he was in a meeting and would be all day. I was given the tour by a student would couldnt answer any of my questions. He told me he was working for the school also while flying but was really no help at all. Then the owners with came in, she handled the financial stuff. I already had set up with Sallie Mae at time to attend another school. I asked about changing the loan deal with Sallie Mae and how much trouble it would be. She assured me if I choose there school it could be done is a few days. But she also still couldnt answer alot of my training questions. 2 people still no answers. Even was introduced to a few CFI's but when I tried to ask questions about the school the tour guide seem to rush me to something else. I think he was clueless and didnt want to show it more than he already had. Not one time did I ever get to meet the owner. He was tied up even though he knew I was coming. BIG turnoff. About 3 days later as I was getting ready to move to Fla the owner calls my wife and starts asking when we were coming down and stuff like that. Of course she referred him to me. I called him back and told him I wasnt and he acted surprise. He said the tour guide assured him I was coming there. He basically begged to me to reconsider my choice but gees I was already packed in the UHaul. I told him why I didnt choose the school and about my experience and he seemed shocked again that it happened like that. I reminded him of our appointment and he seem to blow that off like it was no big deal. He told me I was making a mistake and I would regret it. I do regret the school but no for his reasons. He even went as far as to say that I would wind up there sooner or later. Wrong again.

I heard though that they changed owners but can confirm that. All I can suggest is to visit and get a feel for the place and then go with your gut.
Thanks for the info, i have visited a few schools, and I guess this is one I'm gonna have to go and see. You mentioned that you moved to fl, did you choose a flight school down there? If so, could you give me any insite. Thanks again.