Help!..please all airline pilots


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Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could interview anyone who works for an airline. I need to do this for an aviation class at Ohio State University. I would prefer to do it over the phone, or AIM, but email would work just fine too. I'll ask some pretty general questions, and it should only take 5-10 minutes. So if anyone who works for an airline, can respond as quickly as possible and email me at (
with a good time (before next friday), and aim address I would really really appreciate it. I will be checking my email hourly, and will get you a prompt response.

BTW, I've actually been visiting this website since its creation, and used to go by the name Delta15, but forgot my password, since I havent posted here since summer.
Doug: I emailed you a couple of times at your jetcareers email address, but received no response, I figured you don't check it that often, of the address is faulty, thats why I didn't bother emailing anyone under the perspectives feature. If your interested in helping me with this, that would be awesome!
Thanks Everyone!