HELP NEEDED to complete my Wifes Autobiography Re Flight Attendant School she attended in 1968-1969

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, Great link and great pictures. Brings back lot of memories of the good old days of flying.
I started my airline career in 1979 with CP Air in Vancouver,BC Canada in the ground equipment Dept. I finished the last 10 years of my career in the Maintenance and Engineering Dept of GSE as Manager GSE Technical Standards. Although I was not a flight attendant, my work required a lot of travel on different airlines over my 25 year career where I got a small sampling of the great customer service you and your fellow flight attendants provided your customers. A big thank you to all.

I am looking for some information that you may be able to help with or know someone I can contact. I met my wife of 43 years,(who passed away in July 2013 after a 6 year battle with cancer)) 44 years ago in Edmonton Alberta.

At the time I met her, she had just come back to Edmonton from a 3 month Stewardess training course in Kansas City KS. where she successfully completed the course and got her wings . She applied to all the airlines in Canada for a flight attendants job. 5 months into our dating she informs me she got a job offer letter from Wardair and that they wanted her to come for an interview.She met all their requirements, Two years customer service Exp, 5'8" tall, height weight proportionate, 21 and 4 months,. When she told me this (We were out on a Date and stopped for burgers at the A&W ) My heart leaped into my throat with thoughts of I'm going to loose this incredible beautiful woman who I loved dearly. To make a long story short, I asked her to marry me. She had a choice to make and I thank god every day she chose to become my wife.

I am in the process of writing Joyce's Autobiography for our kids and grand kids and am looking for pictures of her. To this end I have been trying to find out the name of the flight attendant school in Kansas City KS and to see if they have any graduation pictures. I know TWA had a large school there called Breech Training Academy, but from what i have been told, by other former TWA flight attendants, they did not do any contract training. I was also told that Breech did not open until 69-70.

All I know is that my wife saw an add in a magazine advertising this Flight attendant school. Her mother paid her tuition, air fare and lodging for the 3 months she was there in late 1968 or early 1969. Her mom is 95 years old now and can't remember the name of the school and I never thought to ask my wife when she was still with me.

Back in the day( late 60’s ) where/how did most flight attendants take their training? Was it done in-house or? Do you know anyone that took their training in Kansas City KS at a private school?

Does anyone know the names of some of the schools in KC at the time?

I have tried the Aviation museum, the chamber of commerce, the better business bereu, the local historic society, etc etc.

Everyone was wonderful and tried to help me.

Sorry for the rambling, but this project is what keeps me going. I hope I did not offend anyone with my request.

I thank all of you in advance from the bottom of my heart.

God Bless.

Sincerely Horst Urbaniak

Langley BC

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First of all, I'm sorry for your unimaginable has to tug on every person's heart strings. I'm sure there's nothing a stranger can say that's remotely adequate under the circumstances.

My wife has been flying for about 45 years and was job hunting about the same time but doesn't remember any specific independent training schools. She says most airlines would've trained only their own people vs also opening their programs to the public (there are certainly exceptions to everything but this is likely the common situation). She suggests trying to locate specific associations of retired airline employees. It seems most airlines have these groups and some are likely composed by and for flight attendants who might be of that late '60s vintage. TWA (Braniff, EAL, America, etc.) must have such a group, it would have an association with the KC area and perhaps some of their members would recall specific independent training programs from that time.

I would also suggest that if there are websites devoted to pilots, there are also some devoted to FAs but have no idea what they might be. Perhaps someone on a FA-only website would know...or know someone who knows about these independent training programs from the late '60s.

Also, the Association of Flight Attendants may have some historical assets detailing independent training facilities:

Ordinarily, I'd have responded to your post with a PM but perhaps what I've mentioned might jog the memory of someone else here who also has some suggestions for you.

I wish I could be of more use to you in such an important effort.
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I'll post your questions on the AA F/A FB page. Some of those ladies have been around a long time and may possibly remember something that could help you.
Breech was known as the Jack Frye International Training Center from 1962-1970. From what the ladies on the AA FB page say, it was the only place in Kansas City that could have been where she went.
Grace Downs Airline School.jpg

Thank You to everyone that replied and tried to help.
I have located the names of a couple of non airline affiliated schools that offered Flight Attendant Training. One was called Weaver Airline Personnell training located in Kansas City MO. The other school was called The Grace Downs air career school. I do not know if Grace downs had a KC. campus.
I also located the newspaper advertisements for these 2 schools which I will post here.

Of course these schools are closed and have been for some time.
I have also located a couple of people that took their training at the Weaver school in Kansas City MO in the late 60's. I am in touch with them.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone here for all the help and tips you have given me.

Horst Urbaniak