Help for an I-Search Paper


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In my senior english class my teacher told us all to pick a topic to research that would be relevant in the years to come. So, of course I picked becoming an airline piot. She then told me to narrow it down a little, so I chose to research the quickest way to get there, and which airline I would like to fly for. Obviously this has been posted before, but I just need some help on how to go about finding info for this, as well as doing an interview with someone directly related to the field. I know the civilian route is fastest, and that I would like to fly for American or Delta, I just need some help getting "evidence," my teacher says to back it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys, really!!
Good luck with the report, I know you probally want an airline pilot to interview, but if you need some one who is taking the civilian route on his way to be an airline pilot (CFI) PM me and I can maybe help you out...

You should do it on PFT. PFT stand for Pay for Training but should probably be called something else. There are a few small airlines where you pay a large fee and then you get to sit through their training program and then fly copilot for a fixed number of hours. This could advance an individuals career but it's bad for the industry in general. Reason being, it takes what is traditionally a paid job away from someone and gives it to a low time pilot who becomes a temporary revenue source for the airline. Management gets used to pilots being willing to pay for the experience of sitting in the right seat and the next thing you know....Delta will be charging you 30K to be a MD90 copilot. And you won't be able to get the job unless you play their game.

While I'm very much anti-PFT, I think it would make for an interesting research paper and there have been a lot of controversial threads on the subject here and, even more so, at