Help a Hero save one more life.


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I'm sure most of us either know of, or remember Captain Al Haynes, from United Flight 232. Captian Haynes needs our help to save one more life, that of his daughter. This man is a hero, and has endured more than most of us can imagine.

Click the link and give what you can.

Capt Haynes needs our help
Alrighty everyone,
One of our own...a pilot needs us. Captain Al Haynes is a hero, a great man, and a true lover of aviation. If all us JCers come together we may be able to raise a few thousand dollars like we did for mike, but what if that few thousand is what gets them over the top. We can also get some publicity maybe and get even more money...

I live in Scottsdale and I would be willing to get together with Doug and maybe get the local news media involved...with Doug's help of course. PM me if you think we can make this happen.

No matter what everyone we need to get involved, if pilots don't help each other then we are no different from other people. PM me if anyone has any ideas.
I honestly think that if someone sets up a website with a fund for this and people link to it from aviation websites all around we could raise some serious money (,,, and here just to name a few).

Hell, flightinfo is having their own fundraiser for their site... they're shooting for $10,000 (1 dollar from each member)
, and by the looks of it they will get it within a few months. JC's more modest 2000 members raised more than 2 grand in a matter of weeks. Just immagine what power we could have if something like this was set up.
Think of it as a Christmas gift that you're giving someone that will last a lot longer than any box of candies for about the same price.

DTA, that's TWICE in two days, buddy. It must be the Christmas spirit.

Forgive the dumb question-is this the pilot that averted a 9/11 attack (the one that was headed for Washington I think and landed some where else?)
I would be willing to help support this.

Captain Haynes and his crew brought a severely crippled DC 10 into Souix City Iowa after an engine exploded and loosing all hydraulics. It was an outstanding example of how a crew working together could bring a positive outcome to what otherwise would have been a complete disaster. From what I remember, it was a pretty full plane and almost 200 survived.

Happy Holidays all.
I'll talk to doug and see if we can get something set up!!

Where on flightinfo is their donation page? the only one I saw was on the front page - but that's just to donate to help keep their site in existance... and no.. i don't have a login name to check the forums...
Thanks Tony,
I guess I’m just a softie after all

I saw this story briefly mentioned on my local news yesterday and it brought tears to my eyes listening to him talk about the loss of his wife, the tragic loss of his son and how he just wanted to help his daughter have a chance to live. This humble man has suffered, yet remains a dignified figure.

I’ve got a little girl of my own, (my flying buddy) and have witnessed the inconsolable grief a parent experiences when my Nephew died several years ago. There is nothing I can imagine so hurtful as being helpless to aid one’s own child, regardless how big they grow.

Captain Haynes gave so many people a second chance at life and I thought: now here’s someone we pilots should get behind. Captain Haynes is one of the rare breed that I consider a hero. There isn’t a cockpit in aviation that hasn’t been touched by Captain Haynes and crew; hopefully this is our opportunity to in some small way show our appreciation.