Hellooo Sanford!!!


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Well we're finally here, not exactly in Sanford, but close enough. It was a long and gruelling two weeks of preperation and travel to get us to this point in time. Well I guess I'll have to break it down to the begining. Sorry that it's so long!!!

Nov 17th: My last day in the United States Navy. It still hasn't hit me yet! I'll miss it a lot a long with all the good and bad things I've gotten to experience.

Nov 18th: The movers came and paked up everything that wasn't nailed down or that wasn't a permanant fixture.

Nov 20th: Started our two car convoy towards Florida. Got as far as Flagstaff. It was colder than a witches t*t there.

Nov 21st: Made it to the inlaws house in Las Vegas NM in time for dinner. They're watching our son till we get things set up.

Nov 22nd: Made it all the way to Oklahoma City and thus began my current battle with a cold.

Nov 23rd: Spent the day with my brother and his girlfriend. He's finishing up at Spartan on his Associates degree as well as his A&P licenses. He's got a job with Great Plains Airlines lined up for when he's finished in a couple of weeks.

Nov 24th: The most gruelling day by far! Drove over 800 miles battling the cold of all colds. made it to Gulfport Mississippi.

Nov 25th: Had to stay extra day in Gulfport. I was definitly too sick to drive on to Orlando. It was a desperately needed break for my body.

Nov 26th: We finally made it to our final destination of Lake Mary Florida. We made it too late to get the keys to our condo, so it would be another two nights in a hotel.

Nov 27th: My wife and I had our Thanksgiving feast care of Boston Market. Definitly a new experience!

Nov 28th: Finally, a place to call home! Got the keys to our new casa and started to make it our new home. Of course my wife's been decorating the place in her head since we left!
We've been shopping like crazy all day today. I got my early Christmas present for myself, which would be the nice laptop I'm currently typing this on. The movers are schedualed to arrive on Wednesday,with our stuff. I need some t.v. to watch and a chair to sit in. I'm suppossed to start on Dec 11th. I'm anxious to get started My friend has about a month and a half headstart on me, so I'm getting the gouge since he started the same point as I am. We'll see how it goes. I'll try to post updates as often as time permits. Wish me luck!
Congradulations on your trip out here. I also made a trip out here from CA about 4 months ago to attend Embry-Riddle. I am really interested on attending DCA. I am planning on finishing all my aviation classes (1 Year left) and then attending DCA. I am always trying to get more opinions about DCA, so please keep me posted with your experience, I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe you will be my instructor someday at DCA. Goodluck for now!!

Congrats on making the trip in one piece. My standz is in April hopefully, so you never know, I may have you as a student one day. If you have Q's post 'em here or drop me an e-mail. Once i get back to town, if there is anything you need let me know...

PS, I drove from Washington State myself, so i know how you feel after that drive!
Congrats Dude, uh....I mean Ship Mate,
I'm about 30 minutes SE of you in Titusville. You might have flown on some of my engines, if you were '46's I rebuilt T-58's for 3 years.

PM me if there is anything you need, I had a blast while I was there, and I still keep in touch with my instructors.

This has nothing to do with your Flight Training, but I called you Ship Mate, because if you're like me, even though you have not put on the uniform in years, you'll still dream of the ocean more than your wife. I still do. I must be a head case!
I'm not a big fan of the T-58. Very unreliable when you need them the most. I've had two roll backs. One was a restrart and the other one had me swimming a mile and a half to shore. I don't miss the 6 monthers, but I wouldn't mind a week or so out to sea! Great sunsets, night skies, and sunrises, as well as some awsome lightning shows.
Hey Wannabe,

I was wonderring about getting hired as a CFI at DCA. After you did your CFI training did you interview for the position, or was it after your CFII? What was the interview like? Im just worried about paying all the money but not getting hired as a CFI. Thanks a lot!

Once I completed my CFI, I interviewed, then did CFII. Not everyone gets hired, but if you work hard, study hard etc. you should. I am a reasonably bright guy, but no rocket scientist, and I got hired, so I guess almost anybody can.

Glad to hear that you made it in one piece and that you are getting settled down nicely.

I am right behind you. The movers are coming tomorrow, I am closing on the house this upcoming Thursday and I starting my terminal leave and heading south Saturday. I am going to be on a u-haul towing my car so I am hoping that I can make the drive in one day. I heard that the moving trucks are rig for no faster than 55. Time will tell.
I will pm when I get settled and maybe we can get together before school starts.

Take care,

Well so far since I've been here, I've already had to visit the emergency room. I havn't even been here a week! Thank god I still have 120 days of free medical! I somehow ended up with some viral syndrome (they don't know what exact virus it is, but they said that it was one out of 200), and I got a case of bronchitis. I popping the pills to get better for next week. I don't want to be med down from the start.
Movers came and brought our stuff yesterday, so my wife and I are busy unpacking. Hopefully we can get most of it done before she starts work on Thursday.

Orlando, P.M. me when you get here and we'll definitly try to get together.
Moving is pretty tough on the immune system - I remember something like that when i moved from Fla to Az.... just make sure you take a relax break before school starts!!
And if at all possible stay off I-4 between 1201am and 1159 pm. Kidding.
Around Orlando I-4 is a nightmare during the rush hour times. Seems they are always working on a portion of. When I lived in Orlando it took them 2 yrs to pave a section of a street about 2 miles long. Gov't workers though.

Good luck anyway and safe flying
yea - that's just because the governor is relucant to give out any $$ to transportation related projects because he's "supposed" to be fixing the schools - so they give the transportation funds to the schools and the lottery money goes where???? hmmmm.. good question! I remember working for DOT there (roadway design) and we did have to stretch projects out for years and we sat on our butts sometimes too wasting time - they are sooo slow there, I got bored! but don't tell anyone i said that! hahahaha

I-4 will never be good - not until they complete loop systems that are not $1/mile toll roads!! they need to get the traffic offa I-4 like years ago, but now, it's like rush hour all day long - if you can avoid I-4, take the back roads anywhere and you'll get there faster!