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By way of mouth, I learned that this forum is the one to go to in order to discuss any and all things dealing with aviation.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Shane, and as you may have guessed from my screen name, I plan to become an aviator in the United States Marine Corps. Currently, I am a senior (who is actually graduating) from Middle Tennessee State University. My major is Aerospace with a concentration in Scheduling & Dispatch. Last summer I attended Officer Candidate School and will recieve my commission in May.

I look forward to talking to you all.
Excellent choice! welcome aboard!

Hey Shane, do Marines actually fly? HA! HA!

[/ QUOTE ]

They beat the air into submission!

Marine for boat: Say "Ugg" while pointing to the water.

Marine for tank: Say "Ugg" while pointing at the ground.

Marine for airplane: Say "Ugg" while pointing in the air.
Hi Shane!

One Day at A Time!

[/ QUOTE ]

Yes, the Jetcareers 12 step program.

[/ QUOTE ]

I thought the 12 step program was "NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK!"
Borrowed from the DALPA boards:

An Army is guy trapsing through a field, and it's raining & crap, and he says "Man, this sucks"

A Navy guy is out on the deck of his carrier, and the cold wind is blowing, and it's raining hard, and he says "Man, this sucks"

A Marine is wading through a swamp in a thunderstorm with his gun held high over his head, and he says "I wish it would suck more!"

Meanwhile an Air Force guy is sitting there with the remote, and he says "Man, the cable is out? This sucks!"

I can make fun of Air Force guys, my dad was one (proudly served his country in Vietnam)
Why do they have Marines on the carrier?

So the Navy guys have someone to dance with. OH!
ouch Doug

Welcome Shane and you now have arrived at a place where you will hear it all, see it all (videos) and find the right answers and useful tips.
I hear a lot of Marine jokes at work!

Really tough guys! They can handle the comedy!
kinda like the one about the sub that went out with 120 men and came back with 60 couples...my navy buddies hate that one.