Hello from Corpus Christi, Texas!


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Hello, all. Thought I'd introduce myself here, since I hadn't found any other suitable place.

I'm an Aviation Maintenance major at Del Mar College, looking to obtain my Airframe and Powerplant license soon... hopefully within the next year or so. I'm almost finished with my Airframe classes (only Hydraulics, Landing Gear and Airframe Inspection to go) and only a few powerplant classes to finish up, as well. The goal is to get certified (or is it certificated?) and after about three years, get my Inspection Authorization. After spending a good decade or so in the field, I'd like to become an AMT instructor.

I've not yet been able to get behind the controls of a fixed-wing yet, except for learning to taxi (Piper PA-25 "Pawnee"), but I have flown a Schweizer 300C. While only a ten minute flight, I was at the controls and loving every moment of it. A childhood dream realized. I'm looking to obtain a pilot's license after my A&P and hopefully own and operate my own aircraft. I love flying... being an airline brat, I got to see the country and I've even made it as far as Japan (long story).


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Iron Man,

I'm not sure how it works But, if you have to get any "practical" experience I have a suggestion.

Go to the airport. At Mercury Air ask to talk to David Holshue [sp]. He runs the maint shop there and there is no other mech in CC that is better.


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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!

I appreciate the suggestion, Grumpy! :D Looks like I'll make a trip to the airport tomorrow to do just that. Mercury is among one of the places I'd like to work, actually. I think I may have met him many moons ago when we took a trip to Mercury during a Ground Operations class. Is there a name I should give him if I tell him you sent me?

PM sent, Mooneyguy.