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Hey, I know this is 99% fixed wingers, but as part of the 1% I'm curious if anyone in here has leads on, or information about, companies in Dubai, Bahrain, UAE, hiring or looking for American (FAA) helicopter pilots?

I'm working on my Instrument add-on right now, I've already got my CPL/R and am courting the idea of moving overseas to work again.


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Dude one of my mentors is a retired CW4 doing maintenance test over there in UAE. You want to network?

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AeroGulf and Abu Dhabi Aviation are two of the bigger operators in the UAE. The great majority of positions are in Abu Dhabi for the oil rig work.

These places have a lot of British expats so they might be a tough nut to crack for Americans. You might also want to look into Oman, beautiful country. Try AeroGulf first. I have met one of their managers before. He seemed like a reasonable guy without any anti-American bias.

Gulf Helicopters in Qatar is another option.



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jskibo - ARAMCO is a great company to work for from what I understand, though they look for much higher hour pilots, like 7 years exp. and 3500 hours. They will get my resume the month before I hit 3500 hours...

Dominic Noon

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Evening guys. Sorry to hijack your thread but do any of those companies do both fixed wing and heli? Nearly 3500 on both and ex CAA inspector.