Height Requirements


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Hello,this is my first post. Basically I am asking for some thoughts & feedback. I am an aircraft mehanic for a major 747 cargo operator. I am also a private pilot and a college student working on my B.S.I am 20 yrs. old and 5'3" tall. My dream is to fly for the majors.My question is will i be discriminated against because of my height. Is the Industry not going to accept me as a pilot because I dont fit the image of a pilot
Its not a matter of discrimination but a matter of whether or not you can opperate all of the controlls of every aircraft in the airline's fleet. Unfortunately at 5'3" that might be a problem. Most regionals will allow anything from 5'2" to 6'6" but I think the requirements for majors are a little tighter. I suppose it would depend on the airline, what kind of aircraft they fly and whether or not you are able to reach all of the controlls in those aircraft. It will be pretty close. Good luck.
Either way dude, just keep flying.

I have to deal with the same problem. I am 6'2, its not huge, but training in a C152 gets cramped. I tried different planes and found one that gives more leg room. Also it is the second least expensive plane there is, plus it is Instrument rated! Score all the way around. Your chips will fall into place.

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My problem is at the other end of the scale (6'10") but im going for it, got my last ATPL exam in 2 days. C-150 is impossible for me but there are options. Im counting on an evaluation where im seated in the cockpit and i get a chance to proof that it will work. I think that youre in the same situation. Go for it. By the way, is it the same dimensions pedals-seat and seat-roof in a 747 as in a 737?
Good luck
6'10"?? holy cow!! I finally found someone I can look up too. At 6'8" thats hard to find. Any way: no worries once you get to the Boeing/Airbus aircraft. Those things can fit just about anybody. 'member Kareem Abdul Jabar in "Airplane!"?? That was great!

ZX747- Your an airliner mechaninc- go sit in the flight deck: can you reach the pedals AND see over the dash with out stretching? Pedals go forward and back, Seats move all over the place etc. Do you have other aircraft in the fleet that you can sit in? 737? Regional aircraft? etc.

As was mentioned, can you operate the controls and see over the dashboard?

I'm in the same position as zx747, being 20 years old and vertically challenged (5'4"). This was also a concern for me while I was working on my private because I also have aspirations of going to the majors sometime in the distant future. I talked to commercial pilots who ensured me that I would be fine but I decided to do some research on the web as well. I found out that British Airways restricts height to between 5'2" and 6'3" with "weight in proportion". If taller, you have to undergo a functionality check which shouldn't be a problem (ie. better to be above max. height than below min. height). Many airlines just say that you must be able to reach all controls. I would imagine, however, that most airlines would be in the same range as BA seeing as they have a fleet of Boeing and Airbus jets just like the other major carriers.