Heart murmur/echocardiogram results- Worried about a 1st class renewal


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hey everyone, My medical is coming up in the next month. This will be my third renewal of a 1st class. I have my commercial pilot's license with a multi engine, single, and instrument rating. I'm now going for my cfi and cfii. During my last examination with my regular doctor he said he heard a soft murmur. This is the first I've ever heard of such so I freaked out and saw a cardiologist. I had a stress test, ekg, and echo cardiogram. He told me everything is fine and nothing to worry about, but when I look at the results its doesn't look so good, with some regurgitation in my valves. He also doesn't know the FAA standards of certification on this sort of thing. Here are links do the results of the stress test and echo cardiogram and ekg. Is there anything here that will get my examination deferred/denied or cause any hoops to be jumped through? I'm going for a first class. Also these tests were done in Feb of this year, and I'm going for the med this September. Does that distance of time cause my problems with the validity of these tests for the exam?

Part of me doesn't even want to mention all this to my ame but I'd better be prepared.

Thanks for the responses guys.


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Don't worry. There is nothing wrong here. Report the cardiology visit and take the reports to the AME for review. Happy flying :)
Wow that's good news. I thought the murmur and/or regurgitation would be a deferred or denial. Thanks for the fast reply doc. Is this sort of thing common with the whole soft murmur and/or some regurgitation in people you've seen? Once again, thanks doc.
I had an abnormality in a new job physical come up during an EKG. Only being 28 they were surprised and referred me to my PCP. He didn't believe their results so ran his own EKG, same deal, so he sent me to the heart hospital and it turned out to be something like Mitrovalve Prolapse or something very minor...I kept all the paperwork, took it to my AME, walked out with a 1st class physical. Just keep all the documentation for the AME.