Health problems for pilots?


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Yahoo! News had a story this morning (Sorry I don't have the URL . . . ) that said 1 in 100 people who make long distance flights (including pilots) will get blood clots due to the long stationary time. Common preventatives like asprin, first class seats, and constricting tights don't lower the risks. Anyone out there have any problems with something like this?

I don't see why pilots and air passengers would have anymore trouble than desk jockies or drivers, but the other long-sitting-time groups weren't mentioned. They don't define 'long' and don't specify if the aforementioned '1 in 100' means '1 in 100 over a lifetime of flying' or '1 person-flight in every 100 people-flights'. I can't believe that 1 seat out of every 100 flown gets a clot - that means some of the long trans-Pacific flights have more than 3 people who get clots every flight!

News sensationalism or truth? If there's some truth, what do you pros out there do to minimize and cope with the risks?