Health insurance


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My wife and I are both transitioning out of the navy in the immediate future and it looks like we are going to have a 3 to 4 month health insurance gap.

For those of you that are on your own in regards to insurance. What health insurance do you have and how much mula do you have to shell out?

What is this cobra insurance that I keep reading about?


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Cobra is just an option to still be covered under your current policy for a premium that is predetermined. If you are going to have absolutely no insurance, I would say COBRA might be the best way to protect yourself for a few months.

EDIT: I dont know if you would be eligible or not, your provider will tell you, but here is a link to read up on it:


Some one a while ago here posted a scheme that was for only a few months (I think 90 days) that was actually a reasonable price. I am coming back to the US for 6 weeks this summer, and would love to know the name of the company who provides this!