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I am down to two choices. The Lightspeed 15XL w/ANR
or the DC H20-10 Passive
Anyone have one of these?
Thank you.
What type of airplane will you be using them in? A few extra bucks on a good ENC headset now might be a big savings down the road.

I have the DC H10-13.XL ENC headset. I paid about $500 from Marv Golden a couple years ago and love them. They worked great in the Beech 1900. Very good on your ears as well!!
i have tried them both on and i liked the lightspeed better.

also the 20-10 passive doesnt have as much noise reduction as competing passive headsets.
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I owned the H20-10's.... i personally found ANR headsets to never be worth the extra money you spend. My H20-10's lasted me through nearly 2000 hours of flying with no foulups and no battery changges. They had plenty of noise reduction and were nice and cushy enough to make longer flights quite comfortable, especially when I wore a hat.
My advice to you..spend that hundred dollars or more difference (plus batteries) on a multi-engine hour or two.. its money better spent.

Now that I fly a jet... Telex's are the brand for me.
Be careful with the 20-10. I originally purchased it and traded it for the H10-13X. The 20-10 has BIG ear cups and the top pillow whatever sits really high on your head. It may fit you well though whatever...

I'd get some ANR/ENC etc. When you flip the switch it's night and day... can you hear me now? How about now?
I have owned and used the same pair of DC H20-10's since 1995 without a single problem. I am not really sure how they compare in comfort to other headsets, but they are fine for me.
Where is a good place to purchase headsets?

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Check out Sportys.com.

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You're kidding, right?
Sporty's is THE most overpriced retailer in the aviation market!

Shooter - go check out marvgolden.gom and compare.

I think you'll be pleased with the prices at M.G.

Just found MG. Are there own headsets any good? Where can you go to try them out? I know I could come down to sun n fun but I don't know if that will happen or not.
I don't know anything about their house-brand headsets, but they're a reputable shop, have been around forever, and aren't going anywhere anytime soon. I've met both Marv and his son Dan--in fact, I had a conversation with Dan just last Friday on the condition of the aviation industry. Great shop, and they now carry the full line of Sky High Gear products.
I had and sold a pair of DC H20-10, they just didn't fit my head and were heavy. Well made though. I replaced them with a pair of Lightspeed 3G-20. They are excellent, and the leather seals and pads are nice.
the lightspeeds are awesome. they are light, comfortable, sturdy, and the anr works great. i would not fly without them.
I don't like the way DC sets fit personally. But they are solid headsets, and I have one that I give to passengers if all my others are being used.
The old Lightspeed is not the place to look. If you are looking at anything from that company, at a minimum go for the 3G series. They are a new company, and a number of old issues exist (though they do have great quick service from what I've read). I don't like the way they feel on my head either, but the 3G that I tried on are much better fit for me than any DC model.
I'm a Telex guy. I like the way they fit, fold up, and protect your hearing. I've got a couple old 3100 models, and an old 3000 model. Never a problem. I'm going to get a 50D eventually, but in your lower price range, you may want to look at their cheaper ANR models.
The Flightcom Denali is nice as well, but I must have a lopsided head, as it doesn't feel right on one ear when I tried it on.

Check ebay for prices!