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I am starting my private license soon and am planning on going all the way to the commercial and am going to be an instructor for a while. What is a good headset that will be comfortable and durable for a long time? I am looking at the David Clark's 20-10 and 10-60. Anybody know which is better? Any comments would be appreciated.

I've got the H20-10's.

They are EXTREMELY comfortable, clear and keep out a GREAT deal of noise (not to be compared to an ANR or ENC set, mind you).

I love `em.

BUT - that being said - I will definitely switch to an ANR set probably when I get my CFI ratings.

Good luck!

I use DC H10-13XL ENC. I've had them for three years and have never had a problem with them. The longest I've worn (on one flight) has been about 3.5 - 4.0 hours. They are very comfortable and I've no complaints. Mine are the older models that use six AA batteries. The new models use one 9v battery instead. My battery module is kind of heavy.

I would suggest getting a passive set before spending the extra money for the ENC. They are cheaper and work well. Once you start instructing, you may want to get the ENC set.

I've heard the David Clark has excellent customer service.

Good luck.
check eBay too. I got my 10-60s for a little over $200. The 10-60s are a little more adjustable than the other DC models and another feature is the detachable cord. If you plan on flying helocopters, that's cool because you can just get that cord and not have to buy the whole headset. Whatever you do, get the gel earpads. Like buttah.

I bought a pair of H20-10s and traded them for a pair of H10-13s. The head band on the 20-10 extends away from your head and while a very comfortable neoprene type "pillow" rests on your head, the remainder of the head band is 2 inches above my head. This probably doesn't make any sense but if you look at em you'll see. In the end there was too much headset further away from my head and the headset had a tendency to move around, worse in turbulence. The ear cups are also bigger on the 20-10 which I didn't really need/want however the gel pads aren't flat but molded to the average Joe and create a nice seal. I ended up trading for the H10-13s and really glad I paid for the ENC. When I turn it off in cruise, idle, whatever, it's night and day.