Headset question


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I will post this here because I do not think anyone looked at it where I had it before....

I use a David Clark and have for many years as both a Crew Chief and as a Flight Engineer..and I like it.. I like to hear the engines...sound is your friend.
I was just issued the Sennheiser HMDC 322 noisegard ANR headset, I am reluctant to use it on our C-130s because so much of my job is hearing the engines and what they are doing...then seeing what is going on in the instraments.
My question is, does anyone know of a conversion for this headset to bring it from Military/Helicopter configuration to a General Aviation connection headset?... I know there is a conversion for the David Clark headsets...but I have no experience with these Sennheisers

thanks in advance.


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I have always found that I can hear specific engine noises better with active noise canceling because just the low frequency waves are removed.