Headset Question


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When flying for a regional or major airline, do you buy your own headset, if so what are the better products, and where can you buy them. Also do they vary from plane to plane or are most configured for the same type?
Buy your own. Some companies offer a discount for a particular airline.

What kind of headset is all personal preference. I've seen guys with everything from Bose, to a 10 year old P.O.S. Peltor. Most of the jet guys have a Telex Pro style headset that offers little or no PNR. Some have ANR. There is also the option of getting a custom molded earpiece.
Yeah, most of the jet guys get the "I have arrived" jetsets. Which I personally feel is foolish. Jet cockpits are loud as well! Most of the noise comes from wind rushing around the windows. So if you dont wanna lose hearing, its probablly better to go with a small headset that has ANR. Im not talking the HUGE GA type headsets. But seriously, its important to protect your ears. Even if the little earpieces look cool.