Want to Buy Headset for <$300


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Finally got around to taking flight lessons, now I'm looking to own a headset so I don't have to keep borrowing the nasty moldy ones owned by the flight school. I'm partial to Lightspeeds but will consider just about anything but David Clarks, which clamp my ears so hard that I feel like my brain is being pushed out through my nose. Would like it if it doesn't look like you ran it over with your car several times -- yeah, I'm a student pilot on a budget, but I want to have something I can use for a while on longer flights and be happy with it. I'd prefer something with ANR.

Thanks everyone.




Look into the Pilot USA 1779 model.

I have one, and I like it. I picked it up on Ebay, used, for about $225. They will also do refurbs on used ones, depending on what all you want done. Very nice people there. Excellent bang for your ANR-buck.

I also have a low-end AvComm that is just as comfortable and got that new for $125, I think.
Look into the Pilot USA 1779 model.

I'll check it out. Thanks for the suggestion.

Can definitely find something on ebay for 300 with ANR.
Lightspeed 15,20,25XL sell on there for that or less all the time

Exactly. I'm not looking for a new one, and plenty of used ANRs pop up on eBay for under 300; just haven't found one that I've settled in on yet. Figured I might as well toss a line out here.
I got my Lightspeed 20XLs for right around $200 by doing a google search for them and adding "craigslist" to the end. I've found MANY good pilot deals by doing that kind of thing. But no, you're not going to find new ANR for less than $300.


Buying refurbs/ebay is all fine and dandy, until it breaks after 3mos like my roommate just did. He's in the process now of trying to get it a new DC since his one he bought on ebay just broke. Now he's out $225 :rawk:

Rosstafari, I am currently selling a LightSPEED 15XLc ANR headset in your price range with less than 15 hrs of use. It is like new, still in the original box. If you are interested send me a private message.