Heading to Daytona Beach next week


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I'll be heading to Daytona Beach next Tuesday for a campus visit and meeting with my appointments the next day, which includes Admissions, Financial Aid, off campus housing (Free Apartment Locaters), and the Campus Tour Dept. I'll be there for the next 3 days making my arrangements, and getting a feel for the area, then leaving out again on Sunday. While I'm in the area, I would like to meet with anyone (maybe for lunch) that frequents this board and lives in that area so that we can discuss the school, and other related things.

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If you get the chance, you might stop in a say hi to the Wrightway Aviation People and tell them I said Hi. I believe they hire quite a few Riddle students as instructors so it might be a good "networking seed" to plant for down the road when you might be looking for an instructing job.

If you have any questions let me know.

There are plenty of cheap places to live here. I would look on my own before I used a service. Check out this site also, it has available houses, apartments, and roomates wanted in the area.

It's: www.floridapennysavers.com

I found a place in one afternoon. I just went in to the leasing offices at some complexes. I think ERAU has a roomate locator servicer. If they don't, their CATER program in Deland does. Most of those students live in Daytona. You might want to contact someone in the CATER department for that info.

Good luck and let me know if I can help you out!