Hay Fever


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Hey there --

I've been sick with horrible allergies for the passed 2-3 weeks and I've finally got an appointment on Tuesday. I did some research and I'm 99% sure that I've got Hay Fever. Do you have any idea what kind of Medicine I'll be prescribed for this? Will this Medicine conflict with my Medical Cert.?
You can use nasal steroids, Claritin or Allegra. You CANNOT use Zyrtec, nasal antihistamines or sedating antihistamines.
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Also do you know about Inhalers? I never have to use an inhaler except this time of year. I do have an old Albuterol inhaler I use when I get short of breath which is only this time of year usually -- is that disqualifying?
Report it. It is not DQ if it is used on a arare basis, If it is used all of the time, it will require a Special Issuance.
Since I seem to be on a role...

I just checked today and my 3rd Class Medical cert. just expired March 31st 2009. Why would that be? I had a special issuance done because when I was younger I had OCD. I received it in November of 2008... why would it only last 4 months? Am I going to have to go through the whole process all over again -- or is this some sort of mistake?
It is a Special Issuance. When they sent you the certificate, they also sent a letter outlining what you need to do to re-validate it. That may be taking some documentation to the AME or it may be sending documentation to the FAA. I suggest you do this 60 days ahead of time so your certificate does not expire.

Special Issuance certificates are time-limited and require an action on your part to keep them active.
My certificate expired... I should have been on top of it but apparently I wasn't. I never recall seeing anything that said I had to submit more information though. :confused:

What are my options now that it has expired?
You should have a letter from them in your files. If not, call the FAA in OKC to get a copy so you know what to do. Another option - the AME who did the physical got a copy of the letter and probably has it in your file.
I'll check -- I'm sure the file is somewhere.

However, since my temporary one expired will I have to basically start over and take another physical etc.? Or can I still send the required information to whomever and get it renewed?

Also I was planning on going to ATC school in 1.5 years -- since I have this special issuance will I be able to become an ATC? (I have the special issuance from using Lexapro for OCD when I was a little boy... I used 10mg -- a super small amount -- for many years till I was 17).
I just saw my physician today and he had a letter written for me. (I also found that darn file!) Basically stating that I have been off meds, I'm doing fine and so on. The letter I got makes it sound like I'm still on medication "...you must submit a current status report from your attending physician regarding your history of OCD, include history, prognosis, follow-up plan, type, dosage, frequency of use, and side effects of current medication(s)..."

Any idea on what happens next? Will I receive a new Medical from the FAA or further instructions? Any idea on the time frame of that?

Also how do I find out who the Regional Flight Surgeon is so I can get this out of the way now as well?

Also thank you so much for being so helpful with my ongoing questions! Your a lifesaver!
Send the stuff in and WAIT. It will take about 6 weeks.

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My letter says to send to Mike Monroney Aeronotical Center in Oklahoma

Also my physician said to see if prednisone (spellcheck) is ok with a medical cert. , if a Cortisone injection is ok, or if Singulair is ok.
He wanted to know because if the stuff he put me on now doesn't work then we have other treatments to go with.